Fazenda Santa Tereza do Marfim

Visual identity transformation for Santa Tereza do Marfim.

Santa Tereza do Marfim is a charming coffee farm rooted in the picturesque landscapes of Franca, São Paulo, Brazil. Boasting over a century of existence, this historic estate remains a cherished part of the local coffee community, symbolizing the enduring spirit of agricultural heritage.

Design objective
Our design journey embarked with a unique task – to create an identity that not only marks the farm's centenary but also introduces a touch of modernity to its narrative. Beyond a simple commemorative badge, the goal was to fashion a logo that delicately weaves the farm's historical charm with a contemporary aesthetic. The challenge was to craft a symbol that captures the essence of the farm, its legacy, and the artistry of coffee cultivation.
Immersing ourselves in the essence of Santa Tereza do Marfim, we centered our creative process around the “casa-grande” (big house, residence of the the plantation’s owner). Standing proudly for more than a century, this architectural gem became the canvas for our exploration. Our task was to transform this symbol of tradition into a modern icon, respecting its authentic shapes while injecting a fresh spirit.

Through thoughtful studies and a commitment to intentional design, we evolved the house into a unique representation. The result is a logo that gracefully merges the farm's rich history with a contemporary touch. The emblem pays homage to family tradition while embodying the forward-thinking spirit of Santa Tereza do Marfim, ensuring its relevance for years to come.
The outcome of this efforts is a contemporary identity celebrating Santa Tereza do Marfim's centenary, positioning it as a modern presence in the local coffee landscape. The logo is a testament to the farm's dedication to aesthetics and intentional design. By seamlessly blending tradition with innovation, Santa Tereza do Marfim's new visual identity reflects its past, present, and future – a symbol resonating with history enthusiasts and those seeking the finest in modern coffee cultivation.
Fazenda Santa Tereza do Marfim
Visual Identity, illustration and packaging.
Concept and design approved.
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