Razr 5G Quick View Display

Do more even with the flip close.

Motorola's game-changing launch of the Razr in 2004 revolutionized the mobile phone industry. The sleek clamshell quickly became a status symbol, captivating users with its classic design. Fast forward to today, and the new Razr continues to capture attention. Closed, it exudes elegance; opened, it surprises with its deceptive thinness.

Design objective
Beyond the foldable form factor, the new Razr introduces an exciting feature — an external display that surfaces valuable information and tools without requiring users to open their phones. The challenge lies in enhancing the user experience on this compact screen. Our objective was to create an UI that allows users to focus on one task at a time, offering intuitive, simple, and highly useful features. The design needed to be intentional, optimizing the space for a premium visual experience, polished motion, and meaningful interactions.
The Quick View Display, when closed, offers rich notifications and streamlined functionality, allowing users to take quick actions through shortcuts without flipping open the device. The Home Screen prioritizes glanceable information, notifying users about stash notifications through the Notification Bar. Swipe up anywhere on the home screen for comprehensive notification functionality, consistent with the internal display.

Two dedicated screens, the Communication Panel and App Panel, provide shortcuts for direct communication and customizable quick access to favorite apps, respectively. This intentional design ensures a seamless and efficient user experience, with the ability to perform a significant portion of tasks without fully opening the phone.
The seemingly minor additions to the Peek Display significantly enhance the overall user experience positively impacting both battery life and user mindfulness. The design successfully marries aesthetics with functionality, providing users with a device that not only looks good but also encourages more intentional and efficient use.
razr-qvd_11 razr-qvd_10
In house
Motion, UI and visual design.
UX designers: Kathryyn Thomas Research: CXD team Tech: Motorola developer team Copywriter: Tim Mies Directors: Tim Schavitz
Concept and design approved.
Red Dot winner 2021
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