Moto Personalize

Make your phone more you.

The gateway to personalizing Motorola devices, Personalize grants the freedom to customize the device with unique colors, fonts, and icons.

Design objective
This app serves as the centerpiece of the customization experience, offering a wide array of options to transform Motorola devices. These options range from altering the user interface to adding practical features.

The main goal was to make a simple and versatile app that anyone could use, regardless of age. We also wanted to tackle a challenge: showing the range of personalization options clearly and concisely.
Personalize offers a variety of customization options, and the objective was to make them understandable for all users. We designed an interface that's easy to use and visually pleasing. The layout and graphics guide users through the process of changing their device's look and feel.

I created clear examples to show users how their choices would affect different parts of their device. This makes the experience engaging and informative for everyone.

In a competitive landscape of user-friendly interfaces, Motorola sets itself apart by providing diverse customization options within an easy-to-navigate experience. Ultimately, this empowers users to shape a digital identity that mirrors their personality and interests. Users possess the authority to curate a digital experience that's truly their own.
Motorola devices are now more in tune with user’s preferences than ever before. In summary, Personalize combines inclusivity, user-friendliness, and extensive customization to enhance the digital experiences of users of all ages and backgrounds. It's a testament to the power of thoughtful design.
moto-personalise-color-scenario-purple-dark moto-personalise-color-scenario-purple-light
In house
Art direction, visual and interface design.
UX designers:  Luciano Bevilacqua Researcher: Vivian Lemes Copywriter: Tim Mies Directors: Kathryyn Thomas Tech lead: Wendel de Assis Wallpapers: @domestudio (for this presentation only).
Concept and design approved.
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